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Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been implemented in India with effect from July 1, 2017. GST would be levied on all the transactions of goods and services made for a consideration. 4uDigitalSeva assist our clients by providing a wide gamut of services including conducting GST diagnostic review, advising on various GST related issues, assistance in litigation and representation before the GST Council, etc. Additionally, we also assist in obtaining GST refunds, undertaking GST compliances and audits. We have a dedicated team CAs and CPAs who can help you in all your Goods and Services tax related queries.

GST Registration

GST Registration is a tedious 11 step process which involves submission of many business details and scanned documents. We have been firmly engaged in observing the developments on GST. Your GST registration/enrollment will be taken care of by our in-house experienced CA experts having a huge experience in Goods and Services tax. You can opt for ClearTax Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration services where a GST Expert will assist you, end to end with GST Registration. Our devoted Team of CAs will file your GST Application in 24 hours and ensure that your GST Registration is granted within time.

GST Planning

Tax planning is the process of analysing a financial plan or a situation from a tax perspective. GST Planning involves a wide range of services from evaluating your complex busines models and advising you the optional GST structure to maximize the returns. With the help of tax planning, one can ensure that all elements of a financial plan can function together with maximum tax-efficiency. Tax planning is a significant component of a financial plan. If your operations are in multiple state, GST Planning becomes an important part of your business. Our Goods and Services tax experts will make a robust GST planning for your business on-demand. Reducing tax liability and increasing the ability to make contributions towards retirement plans are critical for success. You can talk about GST planning and discover what benefits it can offer for your business.

GST Compliance

GST ushered in a new India on 1st July 2017. With the complexities of GST continues, it is important that you investigate the utilization of technology to guarantee timely and powerful compliances and discover a partner who is equipped for supporting you on this journey. Never has India seen such a huge tax reform before. Our GST Compliance Service has empowered clients in diversified organizations with an enormous number of registrations and transactions consent to GST productively. GST has also brought in new concepts such as mixed and composite supply, time of supply and most importantly the GST Compliance Rating. Our GST Compliance Tool helps clients manage GST Compliance with ease. Our Goods and Services tax Experts are available to support your business growth.

GST Audit

GST Audit will apply every year for those GST registered business (GSTIN) having turnover more than Rs 2 crores, by the sale of goods or services in the financial year. Our Goods and Services tax Experts helps clients with an extensive audit of all GST records alongside our proposals on reinforcing inward controls for proper data entry, data analysis, data recording, and requirements of data for compliance. GST is a trust-based taxation regime wherein a taxpayer is required to self-assess his tax liability, pay taxes and file returns. We support clients in getting the GST Audits completed on time.

GST Advisory

Goods & Service Tax (GST) is the largest indirect tax reform in India since independence. Our GST advisory experts come with an immense experience of taking care of a new indirect tax in India. GST is a pan-India single unified tax on both Goods and Services, levied only on ‘value added’ to goods and services at each stage in the economic supply chain. We have on ground understanding of the issues confronted by taxpayers. It will impact the tax structure, tax incidence, tax computation, tax payment, compliance, credit utilisation and reporting, leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system. We additionally embrace a 360-degree survey of your business and help you structure the transactions for tax enhancement and GST compliance.

GST Payments and Refunds

Current GST return filing requires that every month, once GSTR-1 is filed to report Sales, one must file GSTR-3B to report the ITC and make necessary GST Payment. We, at 4uDigitalSeva trust in delivering qualitative services to our customers. Our GST refund process has its establishment based on thorough process checklists, report verification, and categorization, reconciliation with GST bill, GST tax, GST filling, GST records, periodical subsequent follow-ups, and pursuing the refund application along with the Goods and Services tax specialists. Also if a refund is required to be claimed the same can be done by filing relevant refund related forms. We have a history of successful and timely GST Refunds for clients.

GST Registration Process/Plans

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GST Registration Process

  • Purchase of Plan
  • Expert Assigned
  • Upload Documents
  • Submission on Portal
  • ARN Number Gen
  • GSTIN Received
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Documents Required

  • PAN of the Applicant
  • Aadhar Card
  • Proof of Business Registration
  • Identity & Address Proof
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Digital Signature
  • Address proof of the place of business
  • Authorized Signatory
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Affordable Plans

  • Salary Income Plan
  • Business & Professional Plan
  • Salary + Capital Gain Plan
  • Capital Gain + Business/Profession Plan
  • Future & Options Plan
  • NRI Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • All the taxes mentioned earlier are proposed to be subsumed in a single tax called the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which will be levied on supply of goods or services or both at each stage of supply chain starting from manufacture or import and till the last retail level. So basically any tax that is presently being levied by the Central or State Government on the supply of goods or services is going to be converged into GST.

  • The rate structure consists of four slabs i.e. 0, 5, 12, 18 and 28 per cent, GST compensation cess on selected goods besides goods which are taxed at nil rate (fully exempt). GST tariff should be referred to, to know tax rate for respective goods and services.

    • CGST: Central Goods and Services Tax, paid on all transactions, collected by the Center
    • SGST: State Goods and Services Tax, paid on all transactions within a State, collected by the States
    • IGST: Integrated Goods and Services Tax, paid on all inter-state transactions, or import of goods into India, collected by the Center
  • GST will be managed through the GST Network, GSTN – All taxes will be paid online and there will be no manual filing of returns. Post generation of challan online, you can pay GST by one of the following modes – All Bank Debit/credit card, Axis Internet Banking or cash/cheque.

  • Under the previous system, from the production to the consumption of a product, there were multiple taxes that were applied without the provision of tax credits. As a result, the price of the final product was increased, causing the customer to pay more. The GST has absorbed many of the previous taxes into a single tax, while also providing tax credits. This has reduced the price of final products for end consumers.

  • Businesses in India that have a turnover revenue of 20 lakhs and above will have to register and file for GST returns. Businesses in the north east and hill states with a turnover revenue of under 10 lakhs will be exempt from filing the GST.