How to sell SEO services | Tips & strategies

Are you an SEO specialist or a digital marketing company considering selling SEO services? There is an opportunity to make SEO profitable and fruitful, but technical skills alone are not enough.

First, you need skills in marketing your services to attract the right clients. You also have to be able to deliver results that convince your clients to come back for more.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the steps of starting and managing a successful business with SEO. Let’s start immediately by learning how to build a company with SEO skills.

Who Needs SEO Services?

You should know who your probable clients are before actually providing SEO services. SEO is a tool for businesses of all sizes and industries (SMEs and micro-companies included) to make themselves visible online and get more clients. Some common types of businesses that need SEO include:

  • E-commerce stores
  • Local service providers
  • SaaS companies
  • Blog and content publishers
  • Startups and entrepreneurs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Online course creators
  • Affiliate marketers
  • News and media outlets
  • Businesses with an online presence

What Will You Need Before You Sell Your SEO Services

To set yourself up for success as an SEO service provider, there are a few essential tools and resources you’ll need:

  • A CRM
  • A professional email
  • A Website
  • A shortlist of people from your network
  • A few thoughtful questions to begin

What SEO Services Will You Sell?

SEO implies a wide combination of strategies and tools. SEO service providers can provide room for creativity depending on their skills and clients’ demands. Some common SEO services include:

  • Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO is a set of strategies for increasing external factors that promote a website’s authority and relevance.
  • On-page SEO: Online optimization centers on On-page SEO to improve individual web page positions to get higher search results.
  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO covers the ease with which the website can be crawled & indexed by search bots and its user-friendliness, which is also important.
  • Local SEO: Local SEO techniques make it easier for businesses to rank higher in geographic search results and catch nearby people searching.
  • Lead Generation: Many companies spend on SEO, such as building backlinks and creating informative content, to generate more leads and sales. You can provide a lead generation service that focuses on creating optimized breakthrough calls to action, creating landing pages, and tracking conversions.
  • Link Building: Link building is procuring top-notch yet relevant backlinks from other sites, which will help enhance a domain’s credibility and search rankings. Indeed, you can offer many other link-building services, such as guest posting, broken link building, and resource page link building.

How to Sell SEO Services: 6 Proven Strategies for Closing More Deals

Getting clients for SEO can be hard, especially in a highly developed industry where they might have been disappointed by other service providers or do not see much value in SEO. Here are six proven strategies to help you sell SEO effectively:

Showcase Your Expertise and Establish Credibility

The credibility of the SEO company selling SEO is one of the main things that should not be sidelined when it is time to gain this. When clients, potential or existing, contemplate recruiting a consultant, they want to know that you have the credibility of being able to achieve results on their behalf and also provide value for their investment. Here are some ways to showcase your expertise:

  • Publish thought leadership content: Provide thought leadership by sharing your learnings and findings with blog posts, articles, whitepapers, or videos. Provide an example of how well you can grasp the most recent trends in SEO, the best practice guides, and the most effective strategies. It shows your competence, and those sitting on the fence try to feel you for details on SEO.
  • Leverage social proof: Show testimonials, reviews, and ratings from clients who have enjoyed your services on the website and in the marketing materials. This is the key to opening the doors to new opportunities, as it gives you a third-party assessment of your skills and increases your future customers’ confidence level.
  • Highlight your certifications and partnerships: Showing your skills and experience is important if you have earned prestigious certifications from Google or Semrush. Or, show if you are collaborating with a well-known company in the industry. Display these on your website and highlight them during sales presentations. This will strengthen your brand’s reputation. Use our artificial intelligence writing assistant to unlock new ideas and publish high-quality content.

Identify and Qualify High-Value Prospects

You cannot take on every potential customer, though each may not match your requirements for SEO services. To get the best results, you must target high-value prospects who are ready to enhance their field and willing to cooperate long-term. Here are some ways to find and qualify prospects:

  • Define your ideal client profile: Develop a personal profile of your ideal customer regarding the industry, business size, marketing budget, and expected search engine optimization results. With that in mind, you will zero in on the prospective businesses that best suit your product or service.
  • Use targeted outreach: Instead of mass marketing, targeting potential clients with the ideal persona will help you in personalized sales outreach. For this, you may consider developing custom email campaigns, LinkedIn messages, or phone calls that show your ability to manage their unique challenges and help them solve their specific problems.
  • Ask qualifying questions: The first step in communicating with the client is to ask appropriate questions to understand his maturity in SEO, budget, and the decision-making process within the organization. This will assist you in figuring out if this is the right client base for your business and allow you to customize your sales according to the client’s interests.

Examples of qualifying questions:

  • What are the main business targets for the next 6-12 months?
  • What type of SEO have you been doing so far? What were the results that you observed?
  • Who makes the SEO and marketing investment decisions?
  • How much are you planning to pay for your SEO agency every month?

Pitch Outcomes in Discovery Sessions

When selling your SEO consulting services, it is important to concentrate on the results and advantages your clients can expect, not simply on the tasks and strategies to adopt. Target clients want to know how you conducted the business process and how your services can assist them in achieving what they aim for in their business.

When you bind your SEO strategy to specific measurable goals, potential clients will find it much easier to understand why they should work with your company and spend money on it.

Address Common Objections and Concerns Proactively

Possible clients could offer different reasons why they are not interested in buying SEO services. In addition, preparing strategies beforehand to answer these concerns and including them in your sales pitch will increase the chance of getting a final sale. Here are some common objections and how to handle them:

“SEO is too expensive.”

Accentuate the fact that SEO’s long-term ROI exceeds that of other channels. Use case studies and industry benchmarks to depict the possible amount of gain.

“SEO takes too long to see results.”

Make clear the time horizon towards the SEO’s success and inform the clients about the expected time and results. Discuss the influences that determine the speed of results, including industry peer factors and the client’s initial situation.

“SEO providers have burned us in the past.”

Admit the client’s past negative experiences of this service and explain how your practice is unlike the others. Ensure a risk-free trial or money-back guarantee to lower the client’s risk perception and build trust.

Use Visuals and Data to Communicate Value

Make your sales pitch more moving by incorporating pictures and stats to demonstrate the effectiveness of SEO. This can include:

  • SEO audit reports: Present an SEO audit report as a sample, highlighting strengths and weak points of the client’s website that need improvement. Display the information using pictures, drawings, and screenshots that can be comprehended effortlessly.
  • Case studies: Elucidate the thorough situations of prior clients that portray the tactics you used and the outcomes that were attained through these tactics. Employ before-and-after screen captures or graphs indicating the numbers of visitors and sales as examples.
  • ROI calculators: Develop a user-friendly ROI calculator that lets prospects key in their detailed information and then shows them the possible effect of website search engine marketing on their business. This emphasizes that the value proposition is more relevant and important in the clients’ lives.

Close the Deal

A structure of sales procedure is important to follow to consistently overcome SEO sales deals. This process is designed to help clients review all the stages, from initial contacts to closed deals. This can include steps like:

  1. First are the outreach drives and qualifying calls.
  2. Discussing the client’s requirements using discovery meetings or video calls.
  3. SEO audit and proposal delivery
  4. Proposal review and follow-up
  5. Contract signing and onboarding

Planning and having a laid-out process can prevent losses due to missed opportunities and offer every potential client a unique quality sales experience.


You should have technical skills, marketing strategy, and entrepreneurship to know How to sell SEO Services. By following those tips and strategies, you can become an SEO professional and appeal to clients who appreciate your services.

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