Alert: Beware of Online Phishing Scams

At AlgoSaga, we take the safety and trust of our customers seriously. We've noticed some individuals falsely using company or website name on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to conduct phishing scams.

Please be aware that AlgoSaga does not engage in these illegal and deceptive practices. We are working closely with law enforcement to resolve this issue quickly.

Remember, AlgoSaga never solicits work or offers jobs through social media, direct messaging, or other informal methods. Any claims of work-from-home jobs or similar opportunities under our name are scams.

AlgoSaga don't have our own app, we have only website and official channels as following:

For safe communication, we only use emails that end with If you receive emails from other sources, verify their authenticity by contacting us at info[@]

If scammers offer part-time jobs using our brand. Please ignore such offers as they are not from AlgoSaga.

If you come across such scams, you can report them directly on WhatsApp using the "Report" feature, or email us at "info[@]" for scams on Telegram.

We appreciate your help in maintaining a secure online space. If you have any questions or need further information, please reach out through our official channels:

Thank you for your vigilance and cooperation.

Important: AlgoSaga does not provide part-time job opportunities or request channel subscriptions through WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other messaging services. Stay alert to avoid fraudulent offers. learn more