Best Local Business Listing Directories in 2024: A complete list

A local business listing directory is any website that lists businesses within a specific geographical area.

These directories usually contain NAP (name, address, phone number) information, website, hours of operation, and sometimes reviews from customers.

Like this:
The smoke factory

What are the benefits of local business listings?

Getting your business listed on reputable websites is crucial for local SEO.


Here are a few benefits of getting listed on local citations that matter:

  • It makes your business easier to find.
  • Search engines can better understand your business.
  • You gain more brand visibility and exposure.
  • Positive reviews can attract more customers to your business.

Best business listing directories

The below business listing sites made it onto the list because they offer an easy process for claiming or creating your profile.

  1. Google Business Profile: Formerly known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile is the most important local listing directory by far. It directly lists you on Google’s local pack and search results. A Google Business Profile includes your NAP, business hours, services, customer reviews, photos, and more.
    Google Business Profile
  2. Yellow Pages: Yellow Pages is like a big online phone book where you can find information about local businesses. You can search for different types of businesses like plumber and restaurants and find their phone numbers, addresses and more details.
    Yellow Pages
  3. LinkedIn Company Directory: LinkedIn has a directory of business pages called LinkedIn Pages. Most companies can create a profile for free, similar to Facebook and Instagram. You can add your business details and post updates and job listings.
    Businesses are listed alphabetically on the Company Directory page. Users can find your business by selecting the first letter of your business name.
    LinkedIn Company Directory
  4. Foursquare: Foursquare is one of the best local business listings where you can discover new places to eat, shop, and visit. It helps you find nearby restaurants, cafes, shops, and attractions based on your location. You can also read reviews and recommendations from other users to help you decide where to go.
  5. Apple Maps: When people come to your store in person, it’s smart to get it listed on navigation apps like Apple Maps. Even though Apple Maps isn’t exactly a business directory, it’s still super important to be on there. Now, you can kick things off easily using Apple’s new Business Connect portal.
    Apple Maps
  6. Yelp: If you own a restaurant, a small shop, or a repair store, listing your business on Yelp is really important. It helps show that people like your business, and it gives more info like your address, hours, and what you offer.
  7. Bing Places: Bing Places is like a directory where you can put your business so people can find it online. It’s kind of like putting up a sign that says, “Hey, we’re here!”
    Bing Places
    It helps customers see where you are, when you’re open, and what you do. Adding your business to Bing also allows users to navigate directly to you using Bing Maps.
  8. Instagram for Business: Putting your business on Instagram is a great idea. It helps people find you, boosts your local search ranking, and helps with marketing on social media. Your Instagram profile will show your address, phone number, and other important info, along with pictures and updates you share.
    Instagram for Business
  9. Facebook Pages: Having your business on Facebook is a good move. It’s free to make a Facebook Business Page. This page is like a mini website for your business, and it lets you chat more with your customers.
    Facebook Pages
  10. Better Business Bureau: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is like a watchdog for businesses. It helps people know which businesses are trustworthy and which might not be so great.

    They collect complaints from customers and give ratings to businesses based on how well they treat their customers. So, if a business has a good BBB rating, it’s a sign that they’re reliable and treat their customers well.

  11. Thumbtack: Thumbtack is a helpful directory for businesses that offer home improvement and maintenance services. It’s also good for other types of businesses like electronics repair or web design.
  12. MerchantCircle: MerchantCircle is like a hangout spot for local business owners, with 2 million merchants listed all over the country. You can put your business on there, reply to reviews, and chat with other business owners. They have both free and paid options for listing your business locally.
  13. Houzz: Houzz is another one of the best local business listings mainly for people finding interior designers, decorators, and landscapers.
  14. Nextdoor: Local businesses can sign up for free on Nextdoor, which is a social network for neighborhoods. The cool thing is that businesses can talk to and get to know the people who live nearby and might use their services.
  15. Tripadvisor: If you’re in hospitality, make sure your business is on Tripadvisor. It’s the biggest travel platform globally, so listing there means reaching millions of travelers every month. You can add or claim your hotel, restaurant, vacation rental, or similar business for free.

Add your business to local business listings

Ensuring you’re visible where potential customers look is key to any local marketing strategy. It’s essential to list your business not just for more visibility, but also for SEO perks.

Start boosting your SEO by adding your local business to these directories today. You’ll see your business and customer base flourish in no time! If you are not sure hoe to get started and which directory to choose for yourself, you can take help from a reputed digital marketing agency like AlgoSaga. The experts know how to help you out. So get started today!

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