10 Ways to promote your YouTube channel for free

Does spreadsheet, chart of numbers, and analytics platform usually overwhelm you? Do you find yourself puzzled about how to transform raw data into actionable insights?

Do you need help attracting enough attention for your YouTube channel? Are you among those getting drowned by a lot of people competing to produce content and struggling hard to create your brand name? The process of advertising a YouTube channel is normally a difficult one. Nevertheless, with appropriate strategies and tactics, you can make your channel be noticed and get it new viewers.

Let’s see how to advertise your Youtube channel and to have it recognized. From optimizing your titles and tags to creating an audience and collaborating with others, know the tips to boost your Youtube channel and get success.

10 Tips to Promote your YouTube Channel

It is not surprising that most people want to promote their channels since Youtube hosts over two billion active users. On the other hand, this competition may at times get tough and one might not get noticed in the midst of all its noise. There are a few simple steps that follow which will help you gain more views and subscribers.

#1. Create custom YouTube thumbnails

Compelling YouTube thumbnail is crucial to attract viewers. A captivating thumbnail can set your video apart in the wealth of content. You have two options for thumbnail images: select one from your video or upload a distinct image.


  • Maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio, such as 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Save in JPG, GIF, or PNG formats
  • Keep the file size below 2 MB

Steps to Create a Custom Thumbnail:

  • Design It: Use tools like Photoshop or Canva for a professional look.
  • Choose Colors Wisely: Bright hues grab attention.
  • Incorporate Text: Add bold, readable fonts to convey your video’s essence.
  • Test Visibility: On various devices, check how your thumbnail looks.
  • Save: Adhere to format and size guidelines.
  • Upload: Head to YouTube Studio, select your video, and add your custom thumbnail.

By following these steps, you position your video for more clicks and views. Thumbnails serve as the first impression of your content; make it count.

#2. Write Engaging, Must-See Titles

Titles are very powerful in attracting views on YouTube. The title should be catchy enough to act as a magnet which pulls in people who will hit your video after they see it on a search result page. A catchy name separates you out in the crowded saturated space of YouTube.

To begin with, consider who you are trying to reach out to. Who are they? What questions might they have? Finding out what these factors are will go a long way into generating an interesting subject line for you.

Steps to Craft Engaging Titles:

  • Use Numbers: Title with a number to start with. “5 Ways to Cook Pasta” gets one’s attention right away.
  • Be Specific: Avoid vague terms. Calling it “Quick home workout for abs” is better than the traditional name of exercise at home.
  • Add Power Words: The use of words like “Incredible” or “Essential” in your title will give a positive impression
  • Limit Length: Avoid having titles longer than 60 characters lest they do not appear fully in search tabs.
  • Test Variations: Replace a word or number, and track the results via analytics to know what works best.

By doing so, you will find it easy to create titles that attract attention as well convince viewers to click, view, and even subscribe.

#3. Embrace Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Effective marketing of a YouTube channel requires one’s expertise in search engine optimization. The same works for SEO; it brings in the audience you attract. Let’s now discuss its significance. If you can picture YouTube as a vast library. When you do not have an appropriate catalog system, your book remains a channel yet uncharted. That catalog is provided by search engine optimization (SEO) and enables your content to rank well in every popular query on the Internet.

Now, follow these steps to utilize SEO:

  • Choose Relevant Keywords: Find out frequent words that people use when searching for topics similar to yours. Assist yourself using devices like Google Keyword Planner.
  • Optimize Video Titles: Start video titles with selected keywords. This is an appealing approach that appeals to prospective viewers as well as search Engines.
  • Craft Compelling Descriptions: You just want to distribute your picked up keywords in the video description. In addition, include a short description of the video.
  • Utilize Tags Wisely: In the tag section, input keywords and relevant phrases.
  • Mind the Thumbnails: Custom thumbnails can’t hold SEO value but attract clicks. More clicks improve video rankings.

By following these steps, you elevate your channel’s visibility, attract a larger audience, and achieve your YouTube dreams.

#4. Share on Social Media

It can be challenging to promote a YouTube channel. However, there is one approach that is more effective among all than the rest is sharing your content through social media. But it’s a pretty straightforward approach and it has an expansive range. Done right, it can literally make it an overnight star!

Here are the steps to get the ball rolling:

  • Create a captivating caption: An attention grabber might include an interesting sentence or question.
  • Pick the right time: Publish your video when your audience has been most active. Determine the optimal posting times for each channel.
  • Select appropriate hashtags: Hashtags increase discoverability. Use them appropriately, choose up to ten most relevant.
  • Tailor your post: Tailor your message per social media site. Perhaps, twitter needs to adopt another kind of strategy compared to facebook.
  • Engage: Reply comments and query on your postings. Interaction boosts visibility.

Carefully scheduling the uploads of a single share to each channel increases opportunities to gain new fans, which in the long run is very significant.

#5. Collaborate With Others

Working with your peers increases your outreach, accesses new markets, and also supplies different information.

First, let’s delve into why collaboration works:

  • Reach: A distinct group of people views and reads your content.
  • Variety: Keeping your old readers interested is done by using a different style or subject matter.
  • Cross-Promotion: By doing this, they help each other’s channels gain popularity.

How to Collaborate

  • Identify Partners: Look for individuals and YouTubers that create your niche videos. Your targeted audience should be in line with that of your audience.
  • Send a Pitch: Explain why partnering may be advantageous for all participants with an email/DM. Be concise yet persuasive.
  • Plan Content: After that find someone willing to listen and talk about the topic that you both will write about. This include challenges, interviews, and tutoring together.
  • Record & Edit: Produce the video. Both the editing process and the final published form should suit the individual channels of the respective partners.
  • Launch: Put it in the channel between you and me. Thereafter, each creator should advertise for the other, by asking the audience to thumbs up, share and like.
  • Analyze: After the event, ensure you get to check the metrics. To confirm its impact you need to see views, engagement rates, and number of subscribers that the collaboration has brought.

Indeed, effective collaboration leads to growing together which creates success for YouTube channels.

#6. Use Playlists

A playlist does wonders to growth of a channel by involving viewers into engagement of one’s channel. It also elongates the amount of time audiences spent on the channel.

Here’s how to take benefit of the power of playlists for channel promotion:

  • Select Relevant Videos: Select video clips that complement other videos. It ensures users have an immersive and seamless viewing.
  • Optimize Titles: Ensure you give a brief but detailed name to your playlist. It also helps in SEO, making it easier for other users to find what you have posted.
  • Utilize Descriptions: For each video, write brief descriptions. It provides context, and this is why it hooks the observer.
  • Arrange Thoughtfully: Arrange the videos accordingly. This way, viewers may be inclined to watch many of your videos in one sitting.
  • Feature Playlists: Put them boldly in the first page of your channel. Your best content, in this way, appears right where visitors land on your page.
  • Share Broadly: You should not create a playlist only on your channel. Post them on social networks like Facebook, blogs and community areas.
  • Regular Updates: Make sure you add new content regularly to your music lists or playlists. New content entices potential viewers to revisit your channel.

The playlists are important vehicles of channel development and guiding viewer involvement along the correct lines. Give these a shot and see how your channel takes off.

#7. Cross-Promote Your Own Videos On YouTube

Promoting a YouTube channel demands smart, tactical moves. One proven strategy involves cross-promoting your own videos. This technique helps capitalize on the viewers you already have by directing them to your other relevant content.
First, let’s look at how it works. Suppose you have a video about “How to Make French Toast.” You also have another video teaching viewers “How to Make Pancakes.” These topics are closely related. Your French toast video can serve as a springboard to your pancake video. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • Add Video Links in the Description: In your video’s description, include hyperlinks to your other videos. Tell viewers to click on these links as a call-to-action. For example, you could write, “Loved learning how to make French toast? Click here to learn how to make delicious pancakes!”
  • Use Cards: YouTube allows you to insert cards that pop up during the video playback. Use these cards to suggest your other videos. Place the cards strategically, ideally when the video touches on a point related to the video you want to promote.
  • End Screen Recommendations: As your video approaches its end, a screen pops up with different options. Customize this screen to showcase other videos from your channel.
  • Direct Verbal Suggestions: While recording, verbally ask your viewers to explore your other videos. Mention why they will find them useful.

Cross-promotion keeps viewers on your channel and boosts your watch time, which YouTube’s algorithm appreciates. Make this a part of your growth strategy, and you’ll see high improvement in viewer retention and channel performance.

#8. Run A Contest Or Giveaway

So why opt for a contest? Many people pay attention to competitions. Everyone loves to stand a chance of winning something. This creates additional viewers and at the same time incites sharing and comments which have paramount significance in You tube’s algorithm. Consequently, through a properly implemented giveaway you should be able to significantly increase your channel’s performance.

Steps to Run a Contest or Giveaway:

  • Pick a Prize: Select a compelling incentive that appeals to your audience. These could be products, special content, or a mention.
  • Set Rules: Make it clear to potential participants on how they can participate. Choose between the required actions of liking, subscribing or even sharing that one needs to undertake.
  • Promote: You can also promote your giveaway through social media, community forums or even paid ads.
  • Track Metrics: Monitor participation rates, video views and new subscribers. This will assist you in appreciating the efficiency of your approach.
  • Declare Winners: Highlight the winners in a dedicated video. Wrap up by thanking the audience and mention major findings including number of new subscribers or views obtained.

This approach does not only stimulate engagement, but it also increases your channel’s reach.

#9. Participate in Youtube Trends And Challenges

You are bound to witness positive changes in your YouTube channel’s statistics by taking part in certain videos such as YouTube trends and challenges. This approach ensures a better view and a strong connection between you and the customers.

Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Find Trending Topics: Search for popular topics using such tools as Google Trends or the YouTube search bar. When doing so, always bear at heart and remember your channel’s theme.
  • Select Suitable Challenges: Select relevant trends and issues for your channel. For example, a “30-day plank” might be selected by a fitness vlogger.
  • Create Unique Content: Record your involvement in the challenge or trend. Do things differently in order to be noticed. Suppose you’re a cooking channel. A trending challenge could be made more interesting by adding a unique ingredient.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Tags play a crucial role. Put some trending hashtags associated with the challenge in your video description.
  • Collaborate: Collaborate with fellow YouTube users involved in the same trend. Working together increases your footprint and generates more subscribers.
  • Engage with Audience: Regularly monitor comments and give timely responses. Your video is likely to be featured if you have high engagement rates.
  • Analyze Results: Examine your analytics after the trend has ended. This will help you know how you can take part in the trends and challenges in future.

#10. Use the YouTube Community Tab to Create Interactive Content

The YouTube Universe has a unique community hub called the community tab. It is like a social media portal. This tool not only posts videos but also includes polls, quizzes, and text updates letting you interact with your audience more than just through posting of videos. Look nowhere else if you want to connect directly with your followers or announce new developments about your brand.
Here’s how to do it:

  • Access YouTube Studio: First login, then visit YouTube Studio portal. In this section you will discover many useful extensions like the community tab.
  • Craft Your Post: Determine the kind of posts that your followers would engage with, whether a poll, a GIF, a quiz, or just an update. Take note that it must be consistent with the tone of your brand.
  • Post at Peak Times: The information your analytics provides could suggest which hours your subscribers are often online. Make sure that posts are made in these hours for maximum reach.
  • Ask for Feedback: Always provide opportunities for interaction involving your audience. The interaction promotes community whether it is a poll or a question.
  • Analyze Data: Check the results after posting and see what kind of reaction came out from the audience. With this information, it is possible to personalize subsequent blog entries.
  • Reiterate: Make changes where needed and post based on feedback and metrics. The idea is continual improvement.


Being a content creator is not just about creating a YouTube channel. Getting people subscribe to your channel is much harder compared to uploading content. Applying the above discussed strategies will greatly improve the efficiency of your channel. Consistency and determination are also crucial to building an audience and meeting one’s goals. Also explore different offers to promote your art and change along with this world.

Through dedication and imagination, your channel will grow and your content become even more successful. Continue to generate content, link up with your audience, and promote your YouTube Channel for a bright and interactive tomorrow.

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