Online Reputation Management Packages

Make an informed choice when selecting an ORM package that aligns with your reputation management goals.

Choosing Effective ORM Packages

In today's digital age, managing your online reputation is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. When selecting online reputation management (ORM) packages, consider the following key factors:

Customized Strategy

Look for packages that offer personalized strategies tailored to your specific needs. A one-size-fits-all approach won't address your unique reputation challenges effectively.

Review Monitoring

Comprehensive packages should include real-time monitoring of online reviews and mentions. This feature helps you stay informed and respond promptly to any issues.

Content Creation

Effective ORM often involves creating positive content to outweigh negative information. Choose packages that offer content generation services, such as blog posts, articles, or social media updates.

SEO Integration

ORM and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand-in-hand. Ensure your package includes SEO optimization to boost positive content's visibility.

Crisis Management

Be prepared for potential reputation crises. Select packages that provide crisis management services, including reputation repair and damage control strategies.

Transparent Reporting

Packages should offer detailed, transparent reports on your online reputation's progress. Regular updates and analytics help you gauge the effectiveness of the ORM efforts.

ORM Packages Basic 199$/Mo Pro 299$/Mo Growth 399$/Mo Enterprise 499$/Mo
Targeted phrases 1 2 3 5
  Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Primary review & analysis
ORM in-depth analysis True True True True
Keyword analysis True True True True
Basic ranking stat True True True True
Content marketing
Blog Writing* 2 3 4 5
Article writing* 1 2 3 5
Classified* 1 2 3 4
PDF creation* False 1 1 2
Press Release* False False 1 1
Guest post* False False False 1
Plan details
Search positions protected On 1 Page On 1-2 Page On 1-3 Page On 1-4 Page
Search positions monitored 1 to 10 1 to 20 1 to 30 1 to 40
Blog setup True True True True
Social bookmarking 15 20 25 30
Blog posting 2 3 4 5
Blog promotion 10 15 20 25
Article submission 1 2 3 5
Article promotion 5 10 15 20
Company profile creation 3 5 7 10
Business listing 3 5 7 10
PDF submission False 1 2 3
PDF promotion False 5 10 15
Press Release submission** False False 1 2
Press Release promotion** False False 5 10
Guest Blog Submission** False False False 1
Video promotions*** False False True True
Image promotion*** False False True True
Customer reviews/ratings 1 2 3 4
Development of micro sites 1 2 3 4
Social Media profile creation 2 4 6 8
Forum posting False False True True
Q&A posting True True True True
Article & Blog distribution/sharing True True True True
Positive profile promotion True True True True
Micro blogging True True True True
Social Media Sharing
Facebook account setup**** True True True True
Twitter account setup**** True True True True
Pinterest account creation**** False False True True
Facebook cover image**** False True True True
Custom X (Twitter) background**** False True True True
Facebook wall updates False False True True
X (Twitter) updates False False True True
Pin images False False True True
Monthly reports
ORM Report True True True True
Client support
Email, Chat, & Phone True True True True
Project management tool tracking True True True True
  Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

*Monthly limit

**Can increase with extra cost in respective month

***Provide by client

****One time work

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