Youtube Promotion Packages

Consider these factors carefully to ensure your YouTube promotion package aligns with your goals and maximizes your channel's success.

Choosing the Right YouTube Promotion Package

In the digital age, YouTube promotion is crucial for content creators and businesses alike. When selecting a YouTube promotion package, consider the following key factors:

Target Audience Alignment

Ensure the package caters to your specific audience demographics and interests, maximizing engagement and conversions.

Content Optimization

Look for packages that offer video SEO, keyword research, and content enhancement to boost visibility and reach.

Organic Growth

Choose packages that prioritize organic growth strategies like audience engagement and community building to foster a loyal subscriber base.

Analytics and Reporting

Opt for packages that provide detailed analytics and regular reporting, allowing you to track progress and adjust strategies accordingly.

Social Media Integration

Packages should include promotion on other social media platforms to expand your reach beyond YouTube.

Budget Flexibility

Select a package that fits your budget while providing value for your investment, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Youtube Channel Packages Basic 249$/Mo Pro 499$/Mo Growth 749$/Mo
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Channel review & analysis
YouTube channel creation (If not exist)* True True True
Optimize channel (Resize & customize design, thumbnail, images etc.) True True True
Content writing for YouTube channel branding** 250 Words 250 Words 250 Words
Video channel content analysis True True True
Existing videos analysis True True True
Keyword research with theme True True True
Basic channel stats True True True
Video optimization
Video's title optimization True True True
Video description customization True True True
Tag optimization True True True
Channel tags optimization True True True
Video cards (Recommendations only) False False True
Video embedding (Within the website) False False True
Increase channel subscribers 10% 20% 30%
Increase vidoe likes 10% 20% 30%
Increase video views 10% 20% 30%
Off-page optimization
Article writing and submission True True True
Blog writing and updation True True True
Embedding videos in Articles & Blogs False True True
Social sharing or videos and Blog True True True
Embedding/Sharing Videos on Q&A False True True
Q&As and forums True True True
Micro blogging True True True
Guest post writing and updating True True True
Embedding/Sharing videos in guest posts True True True
Social bookmarking True True True
Video submissions True True True
Social Media sharing
Facebook Account Setup (If not exist)* True True True
Twitter Account Setup (If not exist)* True True True
Pinterest Account Creation (If not exist)* False False True
Facebook Cover Image (If not exist)* False True True
Custom Twitter Background (If not exist)* False True True
Facebook Wall Updates False False True
Twitter Updates False False True
Pin Images False False True
Monthly Reporting
Youtube channel stats True True True
Client support
Email & Chat Support True True True
Phone False False True
Project management tool tracking True True True
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*Pofile creation costs extra

**Content writing charges will be extra if overflow with word count limit

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